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Furniertechnik Wolkenstein | Stepp 1

Stepp 1

The first veneer sheet is placed against the left infeed wheel and the second veneer sheet is placed into position on the right side.

Furniertechnik Wolkenstein | Stepp 2

Stepp 2

When the two veneers are properly aligned, the infeed is activated. The glue application (urea glue) can be adjusted precisely.

Furniertechnik Wolkenstein |Stepp 3

Stepp 3

The veneer is pressed together and transported in between the heater bars. Pneumatic cylinders and stainless steel chains assure a perfect veneer flatness. Inside the heat zone the glue is activated and cured.

Furniertechnik Wolkenstein | Stepp 4

Stepp 4

The process is complete when the jointed veneer deck exits the machine.